IM 70.3 Dubai

24th place at the wheelsucker championships of Dubai

No race to tick off, but to accept. The result doesn't surprise Michi. It showed the status quo in its current form. The most important thing: swimming works painless again after the stubborn shoulder injury in february. Patience is a virtue in sports, but it always pays off in the end.

The bike and running form are to be seen as a solid basic form, since the competition kilometers are clearly missing in the first race and the racing weight has not yet been reached yet by 2-3kg. Nevertheless, he was ready for the starting line and wanted to present himself to the sponsors (unfortunately there were hardly any fans on site due to the covid). And as we know, the competition is the best training stimulation anyway!

Congratulations to the travel and training colleagues from the SchullerProTriTeam Paul Ruttmann (10th place, best bike split without wheelsucking!!!) and Georg Enzenberger! And many thanks to Markus List for the sensational on-site support!


swim: 27:23 | bike: 1:57:52 | run: 1:15:00 – that’s it :-)

Georg Enzenberger, Paul Ruttmann, Michi Weiss, Markus List