A strong competitive impulse 5 weeks before the Big Dance

With the last few weeks having been a bit difficult, Michi did better than expected over the half-distance in Podersdorf.

The swimming was very controlled and at times he was able to swim well in the wake of others. The first discipline over two rounds took place in a lake at St. Martin's Spa for the first time.

On the bike, the windy conditions were more challenging than in recent years. In terms of performance, Michi managed to match up very well with last year. In terms of feeling, he could not quite go all out, but at the end of the day still recorded the fastest bike split on the slightly too short distance.

When running, he was able to push well from the beginning and defended his third position right to the finish, although he did come ever closer to the second-placed Stefan Betz from Germany. Compared to the previous year and 2019, his form is in a great place right now.

At the Austria Triathlon Podersdorf, there were also valuable points for the PTO world ranking available due to the increased prize money, which once again increases the value of this competition. Therefore, big congratulations to Stefan in second place and to the worthy winner and friend Thomas Steger! 


5 weeks of decision
Now there are five crucial weeks of training ahead, where there is still lots to be gained but it is also crucial not to risk overtraining. Until his departure for Kona in two weeks’ time, in addition to swim training with his group in Lake Neufeld, some key longer sessions on the bike and running outdoors are planned. If autumn arrives early in Austria this year, Michi can make use of the National Performance Sports Centre located in Südstadt.

On the 20th of September Michi will depart for Kona together with his family. The drop in performance after two hard IRONMAN races in July (Klagenfurt & Lake Placid) has been overcome and Michi is convinced that his Kona performance graph is pointing steeply upwards. 

Michi will be the only Austrian professional athlete starting on the Big Island and will hold the red-white-red flag high on Ali'i Drive for the Schuller Pro Tri Team and the Orthozentrum Vienna!

Austria Triathlon Podersdorf